Online Facilitation is the process of designing and running an effective and successful online group meeting. It involves a trained facilitator helping a group engage around a common goal. The facilitator will employ techniques to improve the flow of information between multiple parties within a group in order to reach a pre-determined objective. The facilitator is unbiased with respect to the task and will serve all participants equally; has no authority or stake in the substance of the outcome or decision; and is committed to managing a process that is inclusive, fair and respectful for all.


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Groups using consensus decision-making, a process that involves all members of the group reaching an agreement that is acceptable to everyone, requires the assistance of a trained Agreement-Making Facilitator. Facilitators trained in consensus agreement-making can help guide your group through the collaborative process toward achieving group success.

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Problem Solving

Tackling today’s complex problems is a monumental challenge and requires addressing a multitude of related problems, which makes it even more difficult. This process is further exacerbated when a group is convened to determine the best possible solution. Collectively analyzing and defining a problem, and generating and choosing the best solution requires expert facilitation skills. Problem-Solving Facilitators can help your team navigate the collaborative problem-solving process and discover the best possible solution.

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Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles provide opportunities for individuals harmed by a wrongdoing to share their feelings with the offender, resolve problems, and restore relationships. Guided by a Restorative Circle Facilitator, victims play an active role in addressing the wrongdoing committed by the offender in order to make things right.


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