Mediation | Facilitation | Coaching

Online Mediation

Online Mediation is for parties needing the help of a neutral, third-party to assist them in resolving a family or workplace dispute in an online setting. It involves a mediator guiding the parties through a negotiation or problem-solving process and the parties deciding on the solution. The mediator does not decide the outcome for the parties. 

Online Facilitation

Online Facilitation is for groups needing the help of a facilitator to assist them in restoring or building relationships, solving a problem, or coming to an agreement. It involves a facilitator guiding the group through the meeting processes in an effective and productive manner in order to reach a pre-determined objective. 

Online Coaching

Online Coaching is for individuals needing the help of a coach to assist them in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Goals may include managing and productively resolving a matter or developing leadership skills. It involves a coach supporting the coachee’s learning and development in an online environment.