Online Mediation

Online Mediation is for parties needing the help of a neutral, third-party to assist them in resolving a dispute in an online setting. It involves a mediator guiding the parties through a negotiation or problem-solving process and the parties deciding on the solution. The mediator does not decide the outcome for the parties. 

Online Facilitation

Online Facilitation is for groups needing the help of an online facilitator to assist them in restoring or building relationships, solving a problem, or coming to an agreement. It involves a facilitator guiding the group through the meeting processes in an effective and productive manner in order to reach a pre-determined objective. 

Online Coaching

Online Coaching is for individuals needing the help of an online coach to assist them in managing and productively resolving a matter, or seeking increased competency in a specific conflict resolution subject area. It involves a coach supporting the learning and development in a conflict resolution subject in an online environment.

Your Purchase Helps Increase Peace 

We view our clients as partners in the effort to increase peace in the world and pride ourselves in working with our partners to provide peace education to teachers and students around the globe. Simply put, proceeds from our Peace Forum support our conflict resolution programs for teachers and students.