The Model Standards of Conduct for Facilitators

Standard 1: Participation

A facilitator shall encourage each participant to contribute by giving attention, supporting, validating, and showing curiosity. Broad participation reinforces the importance of pooling knowledge to benefit the group’s learning.


Standard 2: Equity

A facilitator shall ensure equity within the group by attending to participants’ varied learning needs and perspectives. This not only allows individuals to learn what they need to learn, but also supports the group in developing strong collective understandings and commitments.

A facilitator shall ensure that all participants have opportunities to raise questions and alternative perspectives so that the group’s learning pushes beyond simply perpetuating accepted practice.

A facilitator shall establish norms and structure conversations so that dissidence between ideas comes forward. Only when a group understands the range of perspectives of its members can it begin to form shared commitments and actions that will benefit students’ learning.


Standard 3: Trust

A facilitator shall work to build trust. When communities of practice support learning, members invite risk taking, encourage learning from mistakes, and foster mutual trust.

A facilitator shall support trust building by acknowledging members’ feelings and learning experiences, upholding norms of interaction within the group, and by following through on actions and agreements. Open and honest relationships are essential and are often built upon interactions that occur not only during group sessions, but also during informal conversations during other parts of the day.


Standard 4: Topic

A facilitator shall discuss only one topic at a time


Standard 5: Process

A facilitator shall use only one group process at a time


Standard 6: Participation

A facilitator shall achieve interactive and balanced participation


Standard 7: Respect

A facilitator shall respect cognitive conflict among ideas by eliciting disagreements and respecting other viewpoints


Standard 8: Agreement

A facilitator shall have all participants understand and agree to meeting roles and responsibilities


Content Adapted from the Following Source: Garmston, R., & Wellman, B. (2009). The adaptive school (2nd ed.). Norwood, MA: Christopher Gordon Publisher.