Online Coaching & Facilitation

Online Coach and Facilitator

Ashley McGuire is a Professional Peacemaker who specializes in restoring relationships in families, schools, and organizations. She develops experiential programs to boost communication and conflict resolution skills, and is a powerful coach for individuals and groups struggling with conflict.

Ashley’s personal stories of overcoming trauma and healing from harm provide audiences and clients with real-life examples of sustainable and achievable peacemaking in their own lives. She trains K-12 teachers in restorative practices, mentors university students in facilitating bridge-building dialogues on campuses, helps couples and families heal from heartbreaking conflict, supports young people in the juvenile justice system through Restorative Justice Practices, and coaches organizational leaders in human-centered practices to increase productivity and employee engagement.

Ashley designs social/emotional skill-building curriculum for all ages and delivers keynote speeches, assemblies, and experiential workshops. Her unique and approachable style help her clients of all ages feel immediately comfortable, safe, and understood. Ashley's services give people at all ages and stages ways to connect, transform conflict, and have more meaningful relationships.